Chronicle of a Coup: November 14, 2021

16 Minutes To Read Christopher J. Walker describes the bewildering conclusion of an alarming confrontation with Myanmar soldiers and police at his apartment door.

Chronicle of a Coup: August 12 & 16, 2021

8 Minutes To Read Christopher J. Walker (pseudonym) Editor’s Note: This post is the twenty-ninth installment in an ongoing series, Chronicle of a Coup, comprised of reports written from within Myanmar by Christopher J. Walker (a pseudonym), a longtime resident, which together sketch one person’s first-hand account of the weeks and months following the February 1, 2021, military coup. A selection of his reports will be posted weekly, every Friday. A chronological archive is also available here.

Tea Circle is grateful to Christopher for sharing his personal account of life under military rule in Myanmar. Recognizing that his voice is one of many, we encourage other authors to submit their own accounts.